Volunteers drop off donations for Project Elf all year long. We have a storage unit where we have monthly drop off/pick up days where you can personally drop off your donations, while those in need are able to pick up things that they need that day also.

However, a majority of our volunteering is done in late November and throughout December, with our BIG day being the delivery of a whole-house surprise on Christmas Eve.

That day we start with a few teams, one loading the truck and others getting the house ready for delivery by cleaning, clearing, possibly painting and fixing whatever needs repair. Once the truck arrives we jump into action, transforming an empty house into a completely furnished home, right down to Q-tips in the bathroom cupboard.

All this is done as a surprise to the chosen family (mom/dad “knows” what’s going on, but the kids don’t have any idea how their life is about to change).  

The family leaves their house in the early morning with a plan for entertainment which we’ve provided, and return to a fabulous newly furnished home. It takes teamwork, and the more the merrier, there’s always room for more hands to help. Volunteering that day can take many forms – from organizing to cleaning, moving/heavy lifting, simple home repairs, even preparing and delivering lunch to the volunteers.

Once the house is complete (by 3 pm), our teams vanish, leaving the family to come home to enjoy the surprise and spend the time together exploring their new surroundings as a family. A day or two later Mickey contacts them to get their reaction, which is always that of gratitude, wonder, and pure delight.

There’s nothing better than being part of this team!

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2018 Storage Unit Dates:

We  have drop off dates once a month (and every weekend in December) where you can swing by our storage unit and drop off your donations from 9-noon. If you’re wondering what we need…check out our Donations – Wishlist page.

The storage unit is located at Simply Storage, 4325 Hiawatha Ave. in Minneapolis.  When you arrive, text Mickey at 612-850-6080 and we’ll let you in.

Here are our 2018 dropoff dates, 9am – noon:

April 21
May 19
June 16
July 21
August 18
September 15
No October date
November 17
December 1, 8, 15 and 22 (in preparation for our BIG give!)