Project Elf happens with the help of numerous volunteers. Each year we have been instrumental in establishing thriving homes for a multitude of families. Most of these families are coming directly from homeless shelters. Their most immediate needs are housing, however, they face a host of other challenges and that’s where Project Elf seeks to connect them with additional resources throughout the year as they develop the skills necessary to maintain their new lives.

One of the most difficult parts of poverty is that resources and services that were available one year are often not available the next. With a longer timeline of support, Project Elf is able to apply the gift for consistent financial support to and for these families all year round. Our newsletter allows you to get current reports and pictures of the families to see the way your gifts are actively changing their lives in real time.

Project Elf helps create stability in the unstable world of poverty by extending a timeline to your generosity. I invite you to become a catalyst for change by creating a long-term relationship with this project and consider how you can play a role for the next few years.

Sign up for our newsletter updates HERE.

Here’s a brief video about Project Elf and SOMFAM working together:

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